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Owned and operated by the St. Louis County Government, Spirit is unique in that airport funding does not come from general revenue tax dollars, but from revenue generated from wholesale fuel sales, land development, and real estate rental. With an annual economic impact of $400 million on the surrounding community, Spirit continues to be a self-supporting and profitable airport. By re-investing profits back into its operations, Spirit of St. Louis Airport has continued to improve its facilities and promote the growth of aviation in the St. Louis region, as well as non-aviation businesses in the surrounding community.

This section provides information on current and future construction, development, and plans.  Click on project for more information

The availability of any advertisements on this site has been provided as a convenience only, and while we endeavor to provide accurate and timely information, proposers and construction contractors are cautioned not to rely on this information alone, but should continue to use their normal sources for identification of potential projects for which they may wish to propose or bid.
The Spirit of St. Louis Airport publicly advertises these opportunities through St. Louis County government and through local and national publications.  Any information regarding pre-bid meetings, the purchase of bid documents, or to whom questions should be directed, is project-specific and included in the advertisements. 


Current and/or Future Projects:


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Maps and Plans:

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