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 The Spirit of St. Louis Airport is a Class IV Public Use Part 139 Certificated Facility that is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year with no associated landing fees.  Several Fixed Base Operators provide a full range of support services including: routine and heavy maintenance; avionics repair and installation; parts sales; interior refurbishments, and other traditional FBO services. Abundant overnight hangar storage and tie down spaces are available for your aircraft's protection and security.  Jet A and AVGAS fuel are available 24hrs a day as well as U.S Customs and Border Protection.  Spirit is also proud to provide 24hr Police Patrol on the Airfield for the security of our customers. Refer to the Airport Services section of this site for Service Provider contact information.

Tower frequency 124.75    ATCT Hours of Operation: 0600L-2300L
Ground control frequency 121.7
AFSS frequency 122.45
ATIS frequency 134.8
Elevation 463 MSL
Geographic center of airport
-Latitude 38. Degrees, 35 Minutes, 43.627 Seconds North
-Longitude 90. Degrees, 39 Minutes, 07.357 Seconds West
Runway 8R-26L Runway Surface Sensors
-Length 7,485’
-Width 150’ grooved concrete
Runway 8L-26R
-Length 5,000’
-Width 75’ asphalt
RWY 8R-26L Instrument Approaches-           ILS, RNAV(GPS), NDB
RWY 8L-26R Instrument Approaches-           GPS

*Please review our voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures

Unscheduled Large Air Carrier/Aircraft weighing over 100,000lbs. Requirements:
The Spirit of St. Louis Airport is capable of providing services for Large Unscheduled Air Carriers (Part121) and Aircraft over 100,000lbs with prior permission from Airport Management.  ARFF Index A is available 24hrs a day and ARFF Index B is available upon request.  Please contact the Airport Manager at 314-568-0584 or 314-568-0581 for PPR’s regarding these types of operations.

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Spirit of St. Louis Airport - Contact Information
18270 Edison Avenue Chesterfield, Missouri 63005

(636) 532-2222 - {Voice/TTY}
(636) 532-4886 - {Fax}

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